Black Tie Swingers

Membership Application!

All of our membership has undergone this membership questionnaire.

Once again, we do this to protect the identity of all members and all future members. So please take a few moments to fill out the information below as accurately as possible. All the information that is provided will be under lock and key and not shared with any other members and obviously not made public.

All applications will be reviewed immediately.


Membership process goes as follows...

1. All new potential members must fill out an application

2. We verify all information (to verify that you are who you say you are)

3. We set up a phone interview

(We own the record of the phone interview)

We notify new members within 24 hours of phone interview.

Step 1: Define Application Type

Here, we need to know if you are applying for Black Tie Swingers as a couple or as an individual.

Step 2: Contact Information

This information is kept 100% private! We need your email address in order to communicate and set up an account for you. A phone number is required to set up a phone interview.

Also, please provide a link to your Facebook profile to allow us to verify your information only.

Email Address*:
Phone Number*:
Facebook Profile Url*:

Full Url Please.

Step 3: Basic Information About Applicant(s)

Please fill out the basic information for each person associated with this application. Example, if you're applying as a couple, fill out both sets of information. If you're applying as an individual, please only fill in one.

Full Name(s)*: Gender(s)*: Age(s)*: Experience / Other Information*:

Step 4: Location and Travel Information

We would like to know where you're from and how far you're willing to drive / travel for a swingers party.

City and State*:
I would be willing to travel up to miles for a swingers party.

Step 5: Additional Information

Please describe your experience, or if you're a newbie, give us detailed information of the types of sexual things you're into or are curious about. Example, are you into voyeurism, bi or straight, cuckold fantasies, role playing, domination, submission, etc. Be very detailed here because step 5 is very important in our decision and the more information you provide, the better we can understand you. There is no wrong way to answer this... we're just trying to match the right combinations for a particular party.

Additional Information*:

Step 6: Upload Photos

You must submit 5 photos (clothing optional). If you're a couple, please submit a photo of each of you and one photo together. The other 2 photos can be body shots, face shots or other. If you're an individual, please send 5 photos of yourself.

Photo 1*:

Photo 2*:

Photo 3*:

Photo 4*:

Photo 5*:

Step 7: Desired Membership Type

Please select your desired membership type. Details of memberships can be found here: Membership Types (opens in a new window or tab so your information is not lost on this page!)

Step 8: Age Restrictions

For your safety and ours, we need to know if you are at least 21 years of age or older.


If submitting large / high resolution photos, please be patient while the photos are uploading and the form is sending. Thank you.

* = Required Field