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About Black Tie Swingers

Black Tie Swingers was created just over four years by a few New England couples in the lifestyle. One of the couples was a seasoned veteran of the lifestyle and happily married for 24 years. The second was a young couple in their early twenties only married a few years. The third couple is me, Karen and my boyfriend, Maxwell and we're in our late thirties, and we're the founding members.

Swinger Parties New EnglandWe all met at a swinger’s party over four years ago. We found that the parties we were attending didn't offer enough discretion for our liking.  We all wanted to have fun but we did not feel protected enough.

Our philosophy is, we're adults... we want to enjoy the lifestyle, but we wanted it to be extremely private and only be shared with those that are like-minded.

Obviously our membership application process is kind of a pain, but it is implemented for the highest level of comfort and privacy and the right compatibility.

Over the past four years, we have met some amazing people that have joined our group including couples, single females and single males.

We welcome everyone 21 years and older, all shapes and sizes... that has nothing to do with our screening process. We're just looking for people that share our same philosophy. What you do behind closed doors is your own business.
There are lots of couples and single females, and a few select males in our New England Chapter… who have joined us on our discreet adventure. We have a safe environment and throw parties 2 to 3 times per month on average.

The magic followed us to South Florida when we open our new chapters in the summer of 2012 come join the fun with some naughty in the sun.

We have parties at hotels, private homes and have even sponsored mini vacations.

If you're looking to get into this lifestyle and you're trying to keep it private, we know how to keep secrets. Your personal information will never be shared with any members or the public. All information is stored in an encrypted database and accessible by only one of the founding members.

Our members area only has a message board exclusively for members as well as all party events (dates, times and locations), as well as all kinds of things that pertain to the lifestyle.

Warm hugs & licks : >)
Karen and Maxwell